With this website we hope to give you a taster of our exquisite collections. We offer silk scarves, bags and accessories beautifully embroidered in silk, sumptious velvet scarves and bags with pompoms, jewellery in silk and shell, with beading and embroidery, silk flower brooches and a great collection of hemp bags.

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The Flower Hmong

Hmong jewellery assorted
This unusual range of jewellery is handcrafted by the Flower Hmong people of Ta La Cao hamlet in the Dien Bien Province close to the Lao border. This community produce corn, rice and tea and supplement their income by producing natural dyes and making hand crafted items. The traditional culture of the Flower Hmong continues to thrive within a close community with it’s unique customs.
Traditionally, the Flower Hmong used indigo-­dyed batik hemp cloth for their clothing. Although batik is no longer used as much as before and hemp has now been replaced by factory produced cloth, appliqué and embroidery remain very important. Of particular importance is the elaborate work on baby carriers (all babies are carried on the mother’s back until a fair size!) and this reflects the skill of the craftswoman.
Craft Link helps the community in product development and in finding markets for their work and in so doing raise the optimism of this Hmong ethnic group who believe the proliferation of their identity through handicraft is essential to community preservation today.