With this website we hope to give you a taster of our exquisite collections. We offer silk scarves, bags and accessories beautifully embroidered in silk, sumptious velvet scarves and bags with pompoms, jewellery in silk and shell, with beading and embroidery, silk flower brooches and a great collection of hemp bags.

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Hand painted Silk scarves

Water Effect Silk Scarves

Raw silk colours

Raw Silk Scarves


Light Weight Crinkled Silk Scarves


Raw Crinkled Silk Scarves


Hand-woven Silk Scarves Thistle design


Silk scarves with gold printed flower


Silk Linen Printed Scarves


Silk Scarf with lines of smocking


Silk scarves with gold printed dogs


Silk Scarves with gold and black Celtic design

Sea green-hand-woven-silk-scarf

Hand Woven Water Effect Silk Scarves


Silk scarves with printed dogs


Silk Scarves with Gold Celtic Design

Shot-silk Shawls

Out of StockSilk-Cotton-Green-Scarf

Silk Linen Scarves

Screen Printed-Silk-Scarves

Light Weight Printed Silk Scarves


Light Weight Zebra Striped Silk Scarves


Scrunchy Silk Scarf


Hand-woven Silk Scarves

Ruffle silk scarves

Ruffle Silk Scarves


Handpainted silk scarves with printed dogs


Silk Scarf with smocking


Silk scarves with gold printed cats

Silk-scarf-in-multi-colours-with cats

Handpainted silk scarves with printed cats

Stitched silk with ruffle and shell


Silk scarves with printed cats


The most beautiful of all textile fibres acclaimed as the queen of textiles. It requires a great deal of labour to produce from the farmers who grow the mulberry leaves to feed the silk worms to the groups who raise the silk worms from the egg stage through to pupa & cocoon production. The cocoons are sorted according to colour, size, shape & texture as these affect the final quality of the silk, prior to being put through a series of hot & cold immersions to soften the silk filaments prior to unravelling and spinning into a continuous thread. The weaving is done on hand looms by craftspeople prior to being dyed and screen-printed. Some of the more economical light weight silk is produced in more commercial settings using modern machinery. All the silks are dyed or hand painted using AZO free dyes.

Tabby Silk

All the hand-woven smooth silk from EMA and MKS is called tabby silk.
References to Tabby Silk date back to Medieval Times. It has been described as “watered silk which has a surface like that of water with irregular, wavy markings”.
These silks are hand woven then screen-printed using AZO free dyes in West Bengal. The producers of both organisations comprise of women, the physically or mentally challenged and minority communities.

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