With this website we hope to give you a taster of our exquisite collections. We offer silk scarves, bags and accessories beautifully embroidered in silk, sumptious velvet scarves and bags with pompoms, jewellery in silk and shell, with beading and embroidery, silk flower brooches and a great collection of hemp bags.

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Shot-silk Shawls

Shot-silk hand woven shawls handcrafted in Cambodia.

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    Stunning shot-silk shawls hand-woven in Cambodia.  This shot-silk is hand woven and has an iridescent appearance due to the different silk thread colours used in the warp and the weft yarns.  These shawls are produced by VillageWorks Songkhem, an organisation with a mission to support young people and widowed women by creating employment through learning skills that support traditional crafts.

    Only 2 colour ways remaining: gold with black tassels and gold with red tassels.

    One of their main outlets is based outside Tuol Sleng Genoside Museum and if you ever happen to visite this stunning country do pop in and support them.


    Additional information

    Additional information

    Dimensions 160 × 50 cm