pink bags
bags on bench

Top left: Hmong embroidered silk bags from £6.75 to £11.80 and purses from £2.90 to £3.60 available in a range of assorted colours.

Above: These 100% hemp bags are produced by a group of Hmong women as part of an income generating scheme to help the tribal community to survive, whilst making the most of their ancient traditional skills of producing high quality hemp. Available in a range of colours. Purses are £1.25 and bags range from £3.95 to £11.95.

Bottom left: This unique collection of Hmong embroidered jewellery with silk thread appliquè and beading. Bracelets from 70p to £1.00, earrings with sterling silver £4.80, necklaces from £2.90, with silver from £5.30.

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